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Nosferatu the Vampyre (1979) | Episode #74

July 1, 2022

In this episode, hosts Katherine Troyer and Toni Tresca discuss a classic that is also a remake of a classic...the 1979 horror film Nosferatu the Vampyre (German title: Phantom der Nacht). 

Episode Highlights: We talk about the tone-setting (albeit odd) cold opening of the mummies and how, even if--as Toni proves--it is meaningful, Katherine kind of hated it. We explore the ways the film pays homage to as well as deviates from the 1922 film (and the original Dracula narrative), and how Herzog created a film that serves as both a powerful remake and a unique film in its own right. We look at the film's examination of the chaos of a plague/pandemic, the beautiful and haunting shots of rats and empty streets, and the characterization of Lucy. And Katherine suggests that this might be one of the gayest films ever...

A Dose of Scholarship: In this episode we referenced Lloyd Michael's essay "Nosferatu, or the Phantom of the Cinema" in the 1998 book Play It Again, Sam: Retakes on Remakes. We also mention S.S. Prawer's examination on Nosferatu published as part of the book series on BFI Modern Classics.

This podcast episode first aired on July 1, 2022.

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