Such a Nightmare: Conversations about Horror

Nope (2022) | Episode #77

October 10, 2022

Jordan Peele is a horror filmmaker that helped inspire this entire podcast. So, in this episode, hosts Katherine Troyer and Toni Tresca talk the 2022 Western/sci-fi/horror film Nope.

Episode Highlights: We agreed to disagree about many of our conclusions on this film, even as we both decided that the other person was making some truly excellent points. We explore the narrative as we turn to pacing, the film's bigger themes, character development, and the horse-named chapters. And we also work through the film's form, as we talk about acting, cinematography, sound design, and alien special effects. Thinking about the film's individual components allows us to ultimately frame our discussion of this film through the lens of gestalt theory (where the whole is different from the sum of its parts). 

A Dose of Scholarship: The film is too new to have any critical reception written about it yet, but we encourage you to explore existing scholarship on a range of related topics including black horror, genre theory, Jordan Peele, and gestalt theory. 

This podcast episode first aired on October 10, 2022.

Thank you Jackson O'Brien for being an amazing editor! 


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